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  • Ultra high temp. nozzle/bed
  • Advanced Thermal System
  • Direct Annealing System
  • Water cooling/ Heat isolation system
  • Medical/Industry application
    Superior performance as simple as 1…2…3!

Industrial manufacturing made easyAreas requiring ultra-high performance components no more need to depend on cumbersome and expensive 3D printers.Tech 3D brings you CreatBot PEEK-300 3D printer – the industrial leader in high-performance 3D printing.

This range of 3D printers speeds up the manufacturing capabilities of a business through its wide range of exciting properties.

Salient Features

This modern industrial 3D printer has some of the following exceptional qualities:

Ultra-high temperature nozzle and heatbed – The printer uses a triple heat isolation system with a hotend maximum temperature of 500°C with a dual extruder and a heatbed with a maximum temperature of 200°
Large printing chamber with constant temperature – The printer supports consistent 3D printing at a maximum temperature of 120°C with a build volume of 300 x 300 x 400 mm.
Direct Annealing Technology – It is a revolutionary technology designed and patented by CreatBot for advanced 3D printing processes using high-performance materials for reliable and economical additive manufacturing.
Efficient cooling system – The 3D printer uses liquid cooling and air pump cooling mechanisms for faster, precise 3D printing.

Materials Available

The CreatBot PEEK-300 3D printer utilizes many high-quality materials.

Engineering plastics such as PLA, PC, ABS, etc.
High-temperature materials such as PPSU, PEI (Ultem), PA12, etc.
Ultra-performance materials such as PEEK, PEKK, Carbon fiber, etc.

Prime Areas of Use

Due to its high performance and durable printing quality, this industrial printer by Tech 3D Printers is helping many industries with their specialized product requirements.

Some of the main sectors that use its manufactured components are

Medical – 3D printers are used to build advanced prosthetics to grant patients a comfortable life even after suffering from mishaps.
Defense – Components used in high-stress environments in the military field require a high level of strength and temperature resistance that can be achieved through 3D printing.
Manufacturing – Large-scale companies utilize 3D printers for prototyping to aid their assembly line and hasten the manufacturing process.
Education – 3D printing can be used to fabricate models to help students learn about modern technologies and boost the progress of research studies.

Tech 3D Printers offers you the best industrial printer in CreatBot PEEK-300 3D printer. Its optimized and economical printing solutions are backed by big industry names that use its products such as NASA, Airbus, Volkswagen, Oxford University and many more.


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