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CreatBot DX | DX Plus Large format 3D Printer

Supports up to Triple Head, Up to 350°C High-temperature printing

The CreatBot DX | CreatBot DX Plus 3D printer is a high-speed printer with a 300*250*300mm (DX) | 300mm x 250mm x 520mm(DX Plus) build volume and 0.04mm print resolution. The see through walls mean you can watch as your printer creates your 3D models. The CreatBot DX series has height adjustable nozzles, allowing you to manually align the nozzles quickly and efficiently. This ensures the quality of your prints by creating perfect coordination between the nozzles. This solid constructed 3D Printer supports up to triple print heads, a semi-enclosed chamber with see-through walls, a heated glass print bed and a Bowden style extruder. The extruder has the stepper motors positioned at the back of the machine which results in a lightweight print head assembly enabling high-speed 3D Printing.

The Upgraded Classic Desktop 3D Printer

Tech 3D Printers presents the CreatBot DX series 3D printer – the best-in-class 3D printer for high precision construction.

Sensational features

The DX series boasts of many innovative utilities such as:

High temperature working – An ultra-high temperature nozzle supports durable 3D printing with varied filaments at levels as high as 260°C. The nozzle height is adjustable, and the printer supports up to three hotends.

Stable printing – The 3D printer body is built from steel to ensure stability while printing for more extended periods. The structure is optimized for efficient and sustainable operation.

Outage and Filament Detection – In case of a power outage, the DX series of 3D printers automatically retains the last position and prints from the same location when power returns. If the filament runs out, the printer stops the printing immediately to avoid invalid 3D printing.

Accurate, high-speed printing – The thoroughly researched extruder feeding system supports rapid printing with precision as high as 0.05 mm for product output as per exact specifications.

Large build volume – The CreatBot DX series 3D printer provides a wide range of printing sizes as per the requirements. The printer offers up to 20 times greater build capacity as compared to the current 3D printers available in the market.

Easy user interface – The 3D printer has a 4.3” touch screen for smooth operation with additional features such as one-key preheating, printer status, USB input, etc.

Glass ceramic platform – The printer has a micro-crystal base to maintain high thermal efficiency. It allows for the option to turn off the hotbed after a specific number of layers.

Get the CreatBot DX series 3D printer for economical manufacturing processes and fast assembly of parts.

Commercial applications

The parts built using the DX series 3D printers from Tech 3D Printers are extensively used in leading sectors such as automobile, healthcare, education, etc.

Hardware and software

The DX series 3D printers come with software such as CreatWare, Simplify 3D, etc., and support STL, OBJ, and AMF file types.

It consists of a geared motor for printing with build plate leveling that can be adjusted manually.

Choose the DX series now and enjoy the manufacturing efficiency you always wanted for your business.


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