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Tech 3D Printers is the one-stop destination for all 3D printing needs. Our range of cost-effective 3D printers caters to every type of business requirement.

Each application requires a unique 3D printer to get the best result. We have various 3D printers that fulfill all fabrication demands with optimum efficiency.


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Benefits of 3D printers

Businesses are increasingly adopting 3D printing or additive manufacturing for production. The best-in-class 3D printers offer an array of advantages over traditional marketing techniques.

  • Swift prototyping – 3D printers use the latest technology to develop models faster than what was possible with traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Easy modifications – With the help of 3D printers, alterations to the manufacturing process can be made easily to minimize wastage and make the production process more efficient.
  • Complex builds – 3D printer mechanisms allow complicated parts to be built with ease and accuracy.
  • Inexpensive construction – Utilization of the latest 3D printers significantly brings down the cost of manufacturing with an increase in business performance.

Industrial grade 3D printer online


Tech 3D Printers brings you the broadest range of commercial-grade 3D printers that are available at affordable rates for all types of organizations.

We provide quality products and ensure that our clients’ manufacturing workflow is optimized to reach peak efficiency.

Bestseller range

Some of our best-selling industrial 3D printers are

CreatBot PEEK-300 – This 3D printer has an advanced thermal system, revolutionary direct annealing system, and an efficient cooling mechanism to facilitate high-speed quality 3D printing. It can use high-performance materials like PEEK, PEKK, etc., to construct durable parts.

CreatBot D600/D600 Pro – This line of 3D printers is perfect for industrial demands like fabricating large-scale components at high speeds. It comprises a large printing chamber that is safe and supports high-temperature printing with materials like PLA, ABS, etc.

CreatBot F430 – It is one of our flagship models, enabling high-performance 3D printing with multiple materials. It comes with advanced features like outage detection, auto-leveling, and direct drive with a user-friendly touch screen interface.

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